Considering taking anesthesia in-house?


Are you getting enough value for your anesthesia subsidy? Many hospitals think not. However, bringing anesthesia services in-house is not easy.

  • Unlike emergency or hospital medicine, anesthesia is integral to OR workflow, efficiency and surgeon satisfaction.
  • Missteps can cause long-lasting detriment to a hospital’s financial performance, reputation and relationship with surgeons.
  • The transition alone can be a challenge requiring the onboarding of potentially 20 to 50 anesthesia providers at the same time.
  • Most hospitals don’t have the high-level anesthesia leadership needed to transition or manage the department successfully.

If transitioned correctly, a properly managed in-house anesthesia department can have a stabilizing effect in challenging market or subsidy situations.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Epix can deliver an experienced management and operations team for your hospital-employed anesthesia staff under a cost-effective management services agreement.

If you are being held hostage with increasing anesthesia subsidies, let us show you a “best of both worlds” alternative.


Epix Healthcare develops customized anesthesia management models such as our exceptional management services agreement option for hospital-employed anesthesia staff. Our business is working with hospitals to manage anesthesia more effectively.

The benefits of having Epix Healthcare manage your anesthesia department are numerous:

  • Proven track record of managing high-functioning anesthesia departments
  • Deep bench of senior anesthesia management talent
  • Dedicated anesthesia recruiting team with national connections and expertise to keep your anesthesia department fully staffed
  • Revenue cycle management with better billing, collections and payer contracting that enhance anesthesia revenues
  • Human resources teams that can support recruiting and onboarding a large number of anesthesiologists and CRNAs at the same time
  • Reduced provider costs with our focus on a W2 workforce
  • Proven policy and procedures, compensation plans, and robust anesthesia compliance programs
  • A focus on culture with the highest employee engagement and retention in the industry

The results are clear: superior care, greater efficiency and significant savings

  • Reduced investment in anesthesia
  • Increased revenue from improved surgeon satisfaction
  • Better patient care and patient satisfaction

Epix delivers cost-effective management services with expert recruiting and staffing, enhanced protocols and practices, and skillful management of the revenue cycle. Let us show you how our management services agreement may be just what you need to say “no” to higher subsidies.

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