Q: How will working with Epix benefit me?

We strive to provide your facility with the resources it needs to deliver the highest-quality anesthesia experience. In focusing on developing what makes your facility great — its team and culture — we help you achieve superior financial performance and better patient satisfaction rates.

Q: Will Epix replace me?

Your culture and team is what makes your facility great. As such, Epix will work with — not replace —existing physicians, CRNAs and site staff.

Q: Will my compensation or benefits package change?

We promise to optimize compensation and benefits for physicians, CRNAs and all site staff. Epix offers industry leading compensation and benefits packages.

Q: Will I still have influence at the local level?

Your input will always be valued and encouraged. We work with facility leadership to help community hospitals and ASCs achieve their goals. You will always remain actively involved in building a great business.

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