ASC leadership: Is your anesthesia-services model compliant and profitable?

By Epix Healthcare

“The proposed arrangements could potentially generate prohibited remuneration under the anti-kickback statute.”

Far from the guidance an anesthesia-services provider would hope to receive from federal regulators when looking into expanding a profitable arrangement with ambulatory surgery centers. That was the situation in June 2012, however, when the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Servicesissued an advisory opinion that raised red flags about a popular model type and called into question whether this service line would ever be a viable option.

But as the adage goes, “crisis creates opportunity,” and at Epix Anesthesia, our anesthesia support service models meet all regulatory and legal requirements. Our unique approach and proven expertise create a profitable revenue stream for our ASC partners.


Our approach

Epix Anesthesia customizes each anesthesia-service model around the unique needs of the specific facility and takes a comprehensive, deliberate approach that addresses issues such as:


Step 1: Employment & Payer Agreements

These distinctive arrangements require refinement at the outset of the engagement to make sure they are compliant with the relevant contractual obligations and regulations.


Step 2: Billing
The latest anesthesia-services models require a more sophisticated approach to billing than in the past, as well as establishing ongoing communications with payers.


Step 3: Ongoing Operations Management
Human resources, client satisfaction, financial modeling and ongoing contract management are just a few of the many operational functions that must be addressed when implementing and supporting these new anesthesia-services models. And amid a national shortage of anesthesia providers, a proactive approach to staffing and recruiting is a must to prevent service disruptions.


Step 4: Reporting and Monitoring

What are you paying for? Without the data, it’s difficult for an ASC to understand the value proposition of its anesthesia-services provider. Quality reporting, expense data, dashboards and other real-time monitoring tools allow an outpatient surgery center to fully understand the impact of the new model it’s implemented.


Step 5: Ongoing Partnership

A relationship with an anesthesia-service provider should be a long-term engagement based on trust and expertise. But unfortunately, too many providers offer a “turnkey” solution to ASCs that ends up creating more problems than it solves.


At Epix Anesthesia, we believe building a strong, local team and culture is the essential ingredient today for a successful anesthesia department. We provide a comprehensive range of services to ambulatory surgery centers, provide patients with exceptional care and strive to surpass our clients´ requirements and expectations.

As a true partner with your facility’s leadership team, we proactively partner with ASC leadership to better coordinate and integrate quality and care. Our innovative approach to anesthesia support services is designed to drive growth and not only meet, but also exceed your facility’s needs. Interested in learning more? Please contact Daryl Malachowski at (678) 315-9089 or via email at